Officer J.D. Willis Joins Campus


John Meyer, Staff Writer

Walking into the Commons area of Campus High School you see a lot of things that may catch the human eye, but from time to time you can see the New Resource Officer Mr.Willis. He towers over most people at the school, he’s around 6’5 and you can see him talking with the staff or some of the students walking around the school. 

“The previous resource officer took another position in a different job,” said Mr.Willis “the line of position was offered up to me” And now because of that we see Officer Willis in the halls greeting the kids and staff and sometimes having a good laugh.

“If people want to talk to me I am always up to listen, I will joke around and laugh with kids and the staff,” said Officer Willis. Most people if they go around the office during the 4th hour would be able to see him laughing and having fun. Officer Willis plays card games with the office aid kids. Some people have seen them playing Uno or other fun card games. You could see him laughing along with the office aid kids while they play their games.

“I have been an actually certified police officer since March of 2019, and I have worked with Haysville since November of 2018,” said Officer Willis. He has been in the city of Haysville for a while and has had a lot of people behind him. “I had a lot of people put time and money into making me the person I am today and I wanted to do the same for others.” Officer Willis said. 

And if you look into the halls when he walks around you can see that he has been helping kids and talking a decent amount with them. “I graduated 10 years ago so I feel like I have a better connection with high schoolers,” said Officer Willis, and most people can see that he does do really well with the kids in the school. 

We have all seen the mistreatment that Officers have been getting since what happened a year ago, but there are a lot of officers who want to do good in this world. “I think everybody is entitled to their own opinions about things,” said Officer Willis. “My goal is to be as honest and straightforward as possible and I can’t control how somebody feels.” we all have seen how Mr.Willis is trying to make everyone feel safe and let everyone know that he will keep making this school safe for us students to be in. 

There are a lot of people who want to make it to where there is no distrust in this world, but that isn’t an easy thing to do. “History has shown that there is distrust in most things, but at the end of the day we want to make sure everyone goes home safe,” said Officer Willis. We all want to see people being safe and so does Officer Willis and a lot more Officers who are in the line of work.